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Herring & Sessoms, PA (AICPA firm id 900010090141)

J Anthony Sessoms (AICPA #1568506) Bobby Herring (AICPA#4475690) have been conducting both system and engagement reviews in the AICPA peer review program since 2006 and have been conducting technical reviews for both NCACPA and Coastal Peer Review for over ten years. Both have served as members of the Report Acceptance Board and on both Peer Review Committees for each of the peer review administrating entities.

Our resumes are available through the AICPA peer review site.

The firm has current experience in CIRA and Not for Profit audits. Additionally, the firm has current experience in both full disclosure and non-disclosure compilations, reviews, agreed upon procedures and preparation engagements.

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Codes used in PRIMA

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